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Gel-Del Technology's Mission Statement
Our company and its subsidiaries are committed to creating novel medical products that satisfy market needs and aim at enhancing the health, happiness and comfort of people throughout the world. We use our broad platform technologies to develop innovative products that integrate or naturally interact with the body to ameliorate, rejuvenate, and restore damaged tissue, as the world's foremost bio-integrative device organization.
Guiding scientific principles
Embody biological processes
Leader in bio-integrative technology
Dedicated personnel
Endless product pipeline
Laudable objectives
Dr. Masters
“We are dedicated to advancing medical technology with
bio-integrative products.”
Founder, Dr. David B. Masters Ph.D.
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Gel-Del® Foundation

It is understood that products come from early ideas that need to be nurtured before development. It is expected that Gel-Del Foundation, a non-profit entity, will provide mechanisms to achieve exciting new technological advances and medical products that would otherwise be difficult to pursue. For example, university faculty studying cell-protein interactions of Gel-Del material with government grants or other funding discover a stem cell application as a potential life saving treatment. Although there are many hurdles, the shepherding and business relationships with Gel-Del Companies will help such early stage discoveries to proceed into product development.

Since Gel-Del subsidiaries focus on separate markets, a pipeline of future products are needed in many areas. Therefore, there needs to be a focus on pre-product technologies. By encouraging interactions with non-profit and government institutions, and their faculty, Gel-Del Foundation will be the first step in bringing licensed technologies forward that have commercial potential. Next, Gel-Del Technologies will help further the technology and develop the products to make them ready for manufacture at a Gel-Del Company. Although it is envisioned that primary technology developments will involve Gel-Del patents and technology from its already broad array of intellectual property, all early stage ideas will certainly be nurtured and incorporated into the Gel-Del portfolio.

Gel-Del Foundation is not a charity and does not make donations. Gel-Del Foundation only engages in joint programs with non-profit entities that have a material transfer agreement with Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.