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Licensing at Gel-Del Technologies, Inc.

As a leader in bio-integrative devices and a GMP manufacturer of biomaterials with a successful FDA-approved clinical trial, Gel-Del is committed to creating devices and products for commercial use in many different and sometimes disparate markets. To support the Gel-Del mission the business plan seeks partnering and licensing with other companies, including those already capable of bringing products to the marketplace. Gel-Del is actively seeking to identify, evaluate and pursue complementary business opportunities. We are interested in making agreements that bring businesses and product innovations together to create synergy and value through mutually beneficial partner relationships with companies, individuals, universities, and other entities.

We are actively engaged in using our broad platform technologies and complementary products in the following application areas: cosmetic, orthopedic (joint, bone and spinal), cardiovascular, urological, and drug delivery for oral-trans-mucosal, implant, trans-wound, and site-specific treatments. Other areas include tissue culture, diagnostics, and neuroscience treatments, including human and veterinary markets.

Biomaterial Technology available for licensing includes: tissue oriented particles, coatings, devices or medical products utilizing our advanced tissue- mimetic biomaterial with or without our drug release technology.

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