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CosmetaLife®   Rejuvenating wrinkle treatment injections

Hyaluronic (HA) acid injections are used to mainly remove wrinkles from facial skin. However, injected HA and all non-permanent tissue fillers are absorbed in 1-6 months, limiting the benefit of the wrinkle treatment and leading to frequent re-injections. CosmetaLife, made of tiny injectable gel-particles configured to simulate skin, can provide a longer lasting treatment and a natural dermal correction by rejuvenating the skin to diminish, ameliorate, and repair the wrinkle through healing mechanisms.

Gel-Del® is focused on bringing CosmetaLife, its superior product for wrinkle treatment to the cosmetic augmentation market. This market already generates about $1 billion of annual revenue and is growing every year at increasing rates with little more than mediocre products (2011-12 increased >10%). Gel-Del's business plan includes the formation of the subsidiary CosmetaCorp, a cosmetic biomaterials company that designs and produces cosmetic augmentation products. After the CosmetaLife launch, CosmetaCorp expects to develop additional products in the cosmetic augmentation marketplace.

CosmetaLife clinical trial information:
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CosmetaLife is for investigational use and not yet approved by the FDA.
CosmetaLife® will be packaged
in 1 cc amounts for single-use injection.